TopGrl – Calico

Calico is the kind of bitch that Sister Dee demands. That means she is expected to perform admirably in all aspects of her service. When Sister Dee wants her boots cleaned, Calico is there to oblige. And when Dee wants to watch a slut suffer, it falls to Calico to take the pain. The spit shine is nice enough to get Dee to show some mercy. She straps a rubber cock onto the boot and proceeds to fuck that pussy into submission.

Boot cleaning is just part of service. Suffering is the even better part. Clothes pins are for more than just laundry. They provide a painful pinch to tits and thighs and are perfect for target practice with a whip. Again the system comes full circle. The pain she endures earns her Calico the orgasms she enjoys. In this case, though, Dee spices them up even more. Hanging upside-down while cumming is unlike any other experience. It leaves her panting, worn out, and glowing from the endorphins. Cumming that hard means next time she will be ready to serve with a smile.

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