Tiffany Watson – Blonde, Bound and Blaised

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Simon gets his hands on a total BDSM newbie, and she is very sexy and very submissive…Tiffany is a flowering young woman with deep sexual passions, but she is not a painslut…Im sure she was shocked just to find how we would bind her, but the idea of being flogged, or having clamps put on her most sensitive parts is not native to her sexual experiences…Simon takes his time building a rapport and dominant trust…But it’s not long before she is wrapped from shoulders to ankles, with her luscious tits hanging out…And he introduces her to some flogging….Her squirms and expressions are newbie gold…When he exposes her perfect pink pussy in the second scene, its ad if he finds her very center…he gives her an overdose of pleasure and pussy objectification…Tiffany will come to believe the power of her sexual submission when she feels the power of orgasms applied to her helpless body…And so her training goes…Exposed, nude, punished and pleasured, which is one of Simon’s favorite routines…Enjoy

First, Simon seizes Tiffany up. As she undresses, he fondles her. He fingers her. He ball gags her. He mummifies her with saran wrap, only to leave her bare breasted. He flogs her a bit.

Next, Tiffany is tied up to a post and sits on a bench, her legs are tied to her tighs, but her legs are spread, her pussy is exposed. Simon rubs her clit. he inserts a toy inside her. He flogs her. He uses clamps to spread her pussy lips. He canes her a bit. He puts a hitachi magic wand against her clit, then he plays with her nipples. He spreads her pussy lips so the magic wand is more effective.

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