Tie Me Up and Hurt Me – Tracey Lain – Scene 3 – Full HD 1080p

Tracey Lain is dressed in a red corset, satin blouse, leather mini skirt and stockings as she prepares for some bondage fun on the living room coffee table. On the table are two sets of handcuffs, ropes and leather straps, the straps Tracey fastens to her ankles then slides a metal butt plug into her arse and a pink dildo into her pussy. Now Tracey is ready for her selfbondage and lies on her back on the table and ties her ankle straps to the legs of the table then cuffs her wrists to the other legs of the table near her head. Tracy’s husband has been secretly watching her and when Tracey is fully secure he decides to take advantage of the situation. After a hand spanking Tracey’s dildo is removed then her knickers are ripped open before another hand spanking making her sphincter muscles contract hard onto her butt plug with ever stroke (Something Tracey secretly loves), but when the spanking stops her muscles relax and the heavy metal butt plug eases itself out and drops to the floor. Time for Tracey to cum and the use of a large vibrator and the application of her husband’s fingers soon has Tracey erupting into orgasm. But her husband hasn’t finished yet, after groping her breasts he opens her blouse to expose her tits, then after another grope and pulling her nipples, clothespins are added to her tender breast flesh before Tracey has his cock pushed into her mouth for a bondage blowjob.

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