Tickle Intensive – Cali Logan Exposed & Pillared!

Release Year: 2016
Studio: Tickle Intensive
Cast: Cali Logan, Marissa
Genres: BDSM, Foot tickling, bondage, foot fetish, bdsm, foot torture
Video language: English

There have been many requests to tickle sensitive beauty cali logan secured in the pillared position, and now bitchy Marissa has the opportunity to make that fantasy a reality! Cali loves showing off her breasts, so she’s been pillared wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of panties! Marissa loves breaking pretty girls, so when she found out she was going to have the chance to tickle cali logan, she couldn’t wait to get down to business!! Cali’s sexy, wrinkled feet were too good to resist so marissa starts in on those ticklish tootsies, and she does not go easy on poor cali! Baby oil is applied to cali’s soles and when marissa picks up the hairbrush, cali nervously states you’re not wasting any time t0rturing me! Marissa just giggles and proceeds to give cali’s ticklish feet a thorough scrubbing!! Cali is gasping for air, laughing, and shrieking as the brush’s bristles sends every nerve in her feet into overload! Fingernails are used on cali’s feet as well, but marissa is intent on punishing the captive hottie, so Marissa makes liberal use of the hairbrush, driving cali crazy!! When marissa moves to cali’s completely exposed upperbody, cali finds herself regretting going topless – marissa is very hard on her ribs, armpits, and thighs! Marissa smirks and teases cali as she makes her howl and shriek! Soon, cali resorts to begging, but it seems to only make matters worse for the poor girl; whenever cali begs marissa not to tickle her in a particular spot, her captor only chuckles sadistically and tickles her in that spot until she’s screaming!!! This clip contains 2/3 foot tickling and 1/3 upperbody tickling.

Format: mp4
Duration: 8:17
Video: 640×480, AVC (H.264), 640kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 46.7 MB