They Were Made Into The Trunk To Be Sold

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Leggy brunette Ren Smolder and sexy pixie Michelle Peters are two undercover cops who found out that my husband and I capture sexy girls andd sell them to slavers. The two young cops don’t have any evidence yet so they come to my home to investigate. They look around the house, but unfortunately for them, all they find is me. The little one slaps a pair of Smith & Wesson hinged handcuffs on me and tell me to sit down while they continue to snoop around. I start to get pissed off so I pull my g on them, them to uncuff me and I call Jim to help me take care of them. We each grab one and bind their arms to together behind their backs. Poor Michelle screams when Jim crushes her elbows together. He hands me a ballgag and I it into the tall woman strapping it nice and tight. He does the same with little Michelle and we continue tying them up making sure their legs are bound. He lift & carry Michelle over his shoulder and throws her bound & gagged into the trunk of his car. He comes back for Ren and lifts her over his shoulder while she kicks and struggles furiously. Into the truck she goes right next to her partner. I laugh and slam it shut and off we go. In order to sell the two pretty girls, I dress them in super slutty micro mini skirts, skimpy crop tops, thigh highh stockings and stiletto boots. First Jim drags Ren into an abandoned buidling and pushes her down against a steel table. He drags poor Michelle into the room and hooks her cuffed wrists to a ring over her head stretching her tiny body to its limit. While he is doing this, Ren manages to struggle loose and she makes a run for it! The steel leash dangles from her neck and she manages to escape to the door. Jim catches her there and pulls her back by the ponytail. The leggy bimbo struggles, but her efforts are futile and once again she is bound to the table. This time her cuffed ankles are attached to the chain so there is no chance of excape. Michelle whimpers as the drool runs down her tiny shirt flowing out of her mouth like a river. He locks Michelle’s booted ankles crossed over so that their last hope of getting out fades away. We taunt the girls by hanging the keys around their necks and we leave them to struggle until the slave traders arrive to get them.building with her wrists cuffed behind her and a heavy steel chain leash around her neck.

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