The Vac Rack Clinic Test

In this video my friends Dart_Tech, NWRubber and I test a new Vac Rack from KinkEngineering. This is the first use of the Vac Rack so the rubber is new and pristine. The top layer of rubber is .4mm and the bottom layer is .6mm. This allows the top layer to mould around me while the bottom layer does less moulding and stays pretty flat. I was wearing rubber shorts and shirt from Mr S Leather, and some extra-long rubber gloves. The Vac Rack comes with a one-way check valve so the vacuum cleaner can be turned off and the Vac Rack will keep it’s suction. However, as I breathed a little air would come out of my nose which would lessen the suction between the layers of rubber and the vacuum cleaner would need to be turned on again for a few seconds. The Vac Rack worked very well and was very exciting. It sucked down quite quickly and once all of the air was evacuated the rubber held me tightly in place and felt absolutely fantastic. I had ear plugs in my ears to help prevent the differencial pressure from damaging my ear drums. The Vac Rack had two additional ports which can be used for e-stim wires, cathether hoses, etc. Our friend NWRubber ordered a similar Vac Rack with slightly thicker rubber. The Vac Racks from KinkEngineering do not use a zipper but instead use a unique folded rubber closure system which works as well as a zipper and keeps the costs down. Towards the end of our Vac Rack test my breathing tube was connected to a hospital ventilator machine which was really fun, however not much of that is shown in the video.

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