The Trial (411, YX & PD) Insex

Studio: Insex
Genres: BDSM, Torture, Piercing, Bondage, Spanking, Hardcore

She hated him. She hated. "Fuck you!" She hadn’t known she was going to scream. It surprised her more than it did her handlers. She tried to knock down her handlers again, using the beam, but they were too quick. "Fuck you and your goddamn fucking…" But they’d grabbed her. She fought. "Send her to Retraining," he said, waving his hand as though she were nothing but a fly. And she had been pestering him. "And it is the judgment of this court that even after retraining, that this subject will always be a danger to The Order." He shifted, folding his arms and measuring her. "She’ll be sold as a sex-slave afterwards. Her selling price forfeited to the state as payment for her education." "And for her outburst," he said, his eyes bright, much too interested in her, too familiar, "Flog the bitch." He sat down, leaning forward, a small smile on his lips as his eyes locked onto hers. "Now," he said. "No mercy." He leaned back. "Entertain me." " Time for daddy to clean you up." He kissed her again and pushed her head away. "Such a dirty girl." He grabbed hold of a hose and nozzle. "We know what to do with dirty girls." They shaved her clean. And all the while, the man played with her tits. They made a sudden turn into a large room. In this room another woman waited, locked in a cage similar to hers. And she wore the same kind of collar riveted on her neck. The handlers taunted her. They pointed to the other girl. "See?" They said. "She knows how to keep her trap shut." Then they stared back at her. "Slaves have no voice, no rights. Slaves have nothing. They ARE nothing." The handler hit her with a riding crop. "Make love to her," he said. "Pleasure her. Show me what a good sex slave you have become." She was shocked. And she swayed. She could hardly stand in the shoes they’d put on her feet, so when they let go of her, she fell against the other woman. She clung to her. And the woman’s skin, naked, warm, soft, filled her mind. She forgot about everything else. Only the wonderful skin, her warmth, her eyes, so kind. "Suck her tits." The whip cut into her ass. Once, twice. The bound woman nodded to her, as though to say, don’t worry. It’s all right. So she allowed her lips to trail along the skin above the woman’s breast. She moved her fingers down her sides, caressing. So wonderful. So much delight. She kissed the nipple, feeling it tighten. The whip bit into her. But she had a control near one of her hands. It controlled the piston that went in and out of the other woman. And that woman had a similar control near her hand.

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