The Tender Flesh part 1

Another fresh body arrives at DungeonCorp this week. Another fresh body equals another rigorous workout session and Bane gets right down to business. Annika’s strapped tightly down to the dungeon floor, and while her body is worked over, her shrieks fill the air. And this is only the beginning…A dildo’s inserted in her pussy, then a vibe on her clit, and Annika is slowly forming an idea of what she is in for… When she’s kneeling and chained, Bane reaches into his bag of tools, reddening her body with the whip and slathering wax on her feet. All the while our cameras peer into the depths of her mind…With her soles freshly tenderized, Annika is hoisted from the ceiling as the cane is employed against her flesh. Her only means of solace being the electrified pipe which shall serve as a place to rest her weary feet. Again, the wand is employed, only this time Annika is brought to a sopping, squirting orgasm that soaks the boards beneath as she lets it all flow. And boy does she let it flow…More whipping is next, and sweet Annika’s flesh has now turned cherry red. Bane however has no plans of letting up, switching from whip, to paddle, to cane, to his bare hands. One final press of the vibe against her pussy adds the crowning and soothing touch that is obviously what Annika so desperately desires and more importantly…needs

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