The Story of Randy Moore part 2

This is a feature video with actors and actresses, scripts and planned scenes…Does that mean that the interaction and activities aren’t real? No…this means that the story and motivations behind the interaction and activities aren’t real…and such is the nature of spinning a tale…reality is very hot and very exciting, but I have always been turned on by the fantasies of BDSM…Producing feature shoots with fantasy driven material is probably the biggest request we get around here…So it’s something we love to do and something we believe many of you want to see…Let us know…

Alexander Payne, an accomplished investment banker who struck it rich, big and early spends the days of his very early retirement travelling the country, and often the world, looking for the perfect slaves for his House…indeed, he is living every pervert’s dream…Alexander had the balls and confidence to go out and make his fortune, and now he uses those balls to proposition women in the most radical of ways…Alex is an analyst, a natural problem solver…he can logically and confidently predict what to others, seems to be an unknown future…but now he spends his days researching women, not stocks or futures…what are the trends that the natural submissive shows in her daily life before she even realizes those desries? Alexander knows…ask him…Of course, he won’t tell you…these guys hoard thier personal knowledge like gold…how did he even discover Randy Moore? Who knows…Is she the ex girlfriend of an old yachting pal? Someone whom he saw strolling through a sushi restaurant? It’s not clear…but Alex has apparently done his homework…this guy only bets on sure things…what is his bet today? That Randy will fall for his Dominant charms…so, his syndicate of thugs gets the word for a delivery…Have Randy Moore on Alexander’s doorstep by tommorrow morning…the story begins with Randy being dragged from the trunk of a car, hooded and left on a doorstep…she is confused and worried, but Randy is no fragile girl…She remains calm as she awaits her fate…the ropes are way too tight for a struggle…Alexander brings her inside and the day begins…Left in a cage, Duchess Scarlett greets Randy to calm her and introduce herself…the day is spent probing at Randy…Alexander uses his slaves, Including Scarlett and Tati Russo to help test her…to comfort her…and he uses his time to Dominate and seduce her…Randy is a bit rebelious at first, but through pleasure, punishment, humiliation and submission she learns her place…or rather, she learns the place she has always wanted to be…Alexander scores big on this investment…some guys have all the luck

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