The Girl Punished for Disobeying Part 1

A few days ago the girl was ordered to strip and she, being the brat she is, refused. With a handful of her hair and her wrists bound behind her back, I guide her to a chair in the basement. I put her over my knee and start spanking her with my hand. After a while I get up and roughly manhandle and rip her shirt open for a while before I position her facing a post. I tie her to it at her waist, before strapping a ballgag tightly in her mouth. I clover clamp her and then tie the clamps together around the post, pulling and stretching her nipples. I grab a thick leather strap and start whipping her ass with it. Every impact makes the girl jerk and yank on the clamps. Her reactions started off soft and subdued, but they have intensified into squeals and yelps. After a while, I remove her boots and her jodhpurs. I start by squeezing her clamped tits and smacking her ass with my hand. I pick up the belt and continue where I left off. Once her ass is a nice shade of red, I remove her clamps and the waist rope. I turn her around and remove her wrist rope and then tie her wrists around the post. I roughly rip away the rest of her shirt. This is where Part 1 ends.

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