The Confession, Part 2

Alyssah and her friend Trisha Uptown decided to get a little down and dirty together and broadcast it on webcam. They were gracious enough to give me the footage of their awakening – and it just so happens that this took place at a party which I had attended. As always – I have my trusty camera with me (documentarian’s curse!) and am rewarded when Trisha actually wakes me up from a rather pleasant sleep to come upstairs and document a moment that she has been longing for. To confess her long-felt desire to submit to Alyssah. Honesty is the name of the game. Alyssah immediately collars Trisha and inflicts some stern discipline on her newfound slave – brutally smacking her face, breasts, and ass until she finally forces Trisha into a long strict pussy worship session that leaves nothing to the imagination.

WMV HD 720p.
14:05 Minute Run Time
File size: 211.1 MB