The Boss Mad When You Work For a Zip Tie Company, Rin – Vol. 2 – HD 720p

Rin works for a company that manufactures cable ties or zip ties, as they are commonly called. She pissed off a major customer and that pissed off her boss. Now, because of the lost business, he has a surplus of zip ties. What to use them for… he decides that Rin ziptied in an uncomfortable position for the day will teach her a lesson. The clip starts with Rin being lead into the warehouse. Her wrists already have been bound with the cruel nylon straps. She is spanked a few times before he connects her wrists to an overhead hoist and her into a strappado. He is soon zipping up her legs. She ends up with 9 on her legs. He takes off her fashionable scarf and cleave gags her with it to at least muffle her protests a bit. Then more zip ties. He adds a few above and below her tits… Then he welds her elbows and forearms together with the zips. He then goes back to her legs. This time he uses smaller zip ties to cinch the larger ones, making them even tighter. To make her a bit more uncomfortable, he adds one to her chest and then attaches it to the tie binding her legs, just below her knees. Another zip tie is zipped over her cleave gag and then tightened and attached to her wrists, pulling her head back. Another is added to her forehead and under her armpits. Yet another ziptie cinches it up. Rin is then left to endure the unforgiving bondage for a while. When her Boss returns, he has good news. It seems that the client that Rin pissed off is very interested in her predicament. Her Boss isn’t letting her go just yet. He takes some pics to email to the client. When he comes back the 2nd time he does release her from the stringent bondage. It seems the client is ready to place an order again if The Boss is willing to do a little video project for him……

Format: mp4
Duration: 40:05
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 2914kbps
Audio: 119kbps

File size: 893.0 MB

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