Tara Tied: Booted and Bound

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Mr. Big Boss leads Tara into the warehouse basement. She is wearing a colorful blouse, matching tight blue leggings, a wide leather belt, and 6 inch boots. Mr. Big Bosss plans for Tara include posture training in the 6 inch boots and arm flexibility endurance with leather straps. Taras arms are tightly strapped behind her back. Her elbows are together with very little room in between. If Tara can last the entire training session without complaining about her tight elbow bondage or the pain from standing in the boots, then Mr. Big Boss will reward her. Once her arms are bound, Tara is gagged with a panel gag head harness. A rope is attached to the d-ring of the head harness and tied off to a beam in the ceiling. Taras body is stretched lean, throwing her off balance. Her booted ankles are then strapped tightly together and Mr. Big Boss leaves her to stand in that position for as long as he desires. Tara does a good job of not complaining behind the leather gag. Her eyes express the agony she is facing with the standing tie.

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Duration: 15:11
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