Taken For Torture – Chapter 7

Gabriel is in a state of emotional shock, whimpering like an abused . Anthony finds such sobbing both contemptuous and a turn-on – a sign of weakness but also success, proof that he has crushed his boy’s spirit. He mocks Gabriel, demanding that he say “please” when begging to go home, then makes him feel the throbbing hard-on under his leather thong. Gabriel is face-down on the rack, completely naked. Anthony strokes and squeezes every inch of the helpless boy’s body, then smacks his feet with a crop – a series of sharp blows that make Gabriel squeal in pain. He had no idea the soles of his feet were so sensitive. Every few minutes Anthony stretches the boy a little more then goes back to torturing his feet. Such a poor boy: Being tortured for no other reason then he is young and beautiful and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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