Taken For Torture – Chapter 6

After being fucked raw by his cruel captor, Gabriel is chained to the ceiling, in near total darkness, naked and alone. The steel collar around his neck is attached to a length of chain that allows him to stand or kneel but not sit or lie down. After what seems like hours, light suddenly floods the room and a door opens. “Who are you?” Gabriel asks, blinking, as a new man enters, taller and leaner but wearing leather boots and a jock just like the first. “I’m your new master,” the man replies. “I’m going to torture and fuck you,” he says, shoving his erect cock under Gabriel’s nose. “My friends, my family are looking for me,” the boy stammers, looking in horror at the massive, veiny thing that will soon be inside him. Anthony Martin just laughs “Suck it!” he demands. The boy cries and chokes as he tongues and swallows, but his own dick gets fully erect, as Anthony sprays cum all over his face and into his mouth.

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