Taken For Torture – Chapter 5

Gabriel knew, in the back of his mind, that this muscular young man with the whip wasn’t just going to beat him and play with his cock. He knew he was going to be fucked – and fucked hard. The moment of truth has come. Gabriel is bound to a waist-high bench, his ass up in the air. He is completely naked and helpless. Garret Stone stands nearby, an evil look in his eye. He throws off his leather jock and strokes his cock until it’s rock hard. Suddenly, Gabriel feels a tongue in his asshole. “Please….” he begs. He’s terrified; he’s never had anything in his ass before. “Shut the fuck up!” Garret barks, slapping the boy’s ass. Garret shoves his cock home, lubed with nothing but spit, deep into Gabriel’s virgin hole. The boy gasps with shock and pain. I’m being fucked! His moans and tears just make Garret fuck him harder. Once the boy is fucked senseless, Garret pulls out and spanks him fiercely with a very nasty, leather paddle.

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