Taken For Torture – Chapter 3

To have smooth skin and firm muscles, to catch others staring when you take off your shirt – most people dream of being so young and beautiful. But, sometimes, such beauty has a cost – a very steep cost. Gabriel Cruz is paying that cost, stretched-up on his tiptoes, totally naked, steel cuffs digging into his wrists. “Please…” he begs the muscular, young leather-man who is torturing him. Garret Stone, wearing nothing but a leather thong and harness, says nothing; he lets his whip do the talking. He slices the boy’s back a dozen times, then sprays him with . The pain is amazing – terrible for Gabriel, beautiful for Garret. “See you in the morning,” Garret says, leaving the youth hanging in agony. Hours later, Gabriel awakes, bent-over a small, padded bench backward, his abs sucked in hard, Garret sucking his cock. This is now his life.

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