Taken For Torture – Chapter 2

Gabriel is still in a state of shock. Just a few hours ago he was walking home from a party, without a care in the world. Now he hangs in a dungeon and a wiry, muscular man with a shaved head is slapping his abs and sucking his cock. Gabriel can’t believe it when his dick hardens. “Oh, God,” he sighs, somehow knowing his erection will illicit even more pain. It does. His tormentor, Garret Stone, uses an electric winch to lift him up onto his toes, stretching his lean body painfully as the steel cuffs dig into his wrists. Then he is whipped some more and his fresh wounds are sprayed with rubbing – a whole new level of pain – before Garret cuts off his pants, leaving him completely naked, his stomach sucked in, his legs trembling, his face covered with tears. He’ll hang like that for hours, a slab of boy-meat at the mercy of a man with a whip.

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