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EverythingButt Aug 3, 2010 – Punished with Inserted Objects

When Beverly Hills fails to have dinner ready and accidentally deletes Mr. Pete’s messages, he spanks her, inserts a butt plug and locks her up in a cage. She is not allowed to use the restroom, so he makes her piss in a bucket in the cage. Then Beverly suffers a humiliating punishment as he …

Tough hairy daddy master

Tough hairy daddy masterFile size: 152.4 MbA tough hairy older man, gets sucked then goes wild for an intense bareback anal fuck – including some mild torture and a slap at the endFile size: 152.3 MB

Punishment Incorporated – Leslie

Too fast, too cute and way too belligerent! Leslie has quite a mouth on her and she knows how to use it. First she tells off the cops explaining in detail where they can shove their speeding tickets. Then she goes after the judge, who slaps a hefty little community judgment on her. She is …