Tag Team On Tara part 2

Bound to the cross, Tara feels the sting of Ogre’s whip as he wields it against her body. Then, from the whip straight to clamps on the nipples and Tara’s day is starting off quite intensely. Ogre then positions her leg so that he may slide a pole mounted vibe up against her pussy, a little gift if you will…before jamming a dong in her pussy and smashing a wand against her clit…With formalities aside, Tara then finds herself bent over with her tits and pussy lips clamped as her backside is whipped and reddened. Despite her best intentions and her howling, Tara cannot help but to find herself aroused…She feels the cane next as Ogre works it across her body and soles, and then her anus is fitted with a hook. Today is Tara’s lucky day today as Ogre has enlisted Ms. Belle Noire to assist in the debauchery, and Belle gets right down to business by firs lubing Tara’s cunt, then sliding a dong and vibe right in to the hilt. Finally, Tara is crotch roped and spread in the Throne, pussy lips clamped and stretched as Ogre once again lays into her with the whip. Then, Belle applies some suction to her supple breasts before this dastardly duo work Tara into one final lather before leaving her to swing from the rafters.

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