Switzerland In December

Release Year: 2020

This update is a continuation of the Switzerland video series, part 7 and 8. This was shot and moderated by SFDom while I was taking a break in the background, cocooned in rubber and restrained in a serious bondage chair. I’m wearing a StudioGum rubber Prison Suit with attached hood, and over the attached hood is a blank face StudioGum hood. I don’t remember if I had mentioned in the previous Switzerland videos that Hans-Peter from StudioGum was with us. Hans drove his car from Frankfurt packed with a load of rubber, and the suit and hood I was wearing was part of the stuff he brought with him. We have featured this model of bondage chair in videos many times before. The chair is made by a German guy on FetLife whose name is ‘Self Bondage Chair’. His chair has a few different options including black or brown leather straps, a few different styles of torso straps, leather hand mitts, and a few different head harnesses including a muzzle and a wide leather face cover with nose pocket. You can see this face cover which is pushed out of the way and is sitting on top of my hooded head.!

The highlight of these two videos is the fuck bench made by EvilToys in Germany. This bench has many adjustments, which accommodate a wide size-range of people. As you will see in the video, it has an adjustable ball gag. I think this ball gag is the best part. Once the ball gag’s height and position is adjusted and the gag is in your mouth, the adjustable metal collar is closed and locked around your neck. This prevents you from moving your head and escaping the ball gag. So, you are totally helpless, with your asshole completely exposed and vulnerable, and the rubber ball fills your mouth so you can’t talk. This is so hot!!

At this point, our host RubNGum mounts the helpless rubber gimp ‘SlaveBoundToServe’ (Recon) who is secured to the fuck bench. It’s apparent that RubNGum has done this many times before. He loves to fuck guys with his big rubber cock, while his own cock is stuffed inside. The view he gets when he looks down and sees his giant rubber-covered cock penetrating the ass of his helpless subject must be amazing. This is the ultimate domme experience – not to mention the ultimate sub experience for his restrained slave.

Once RubNGum feels fulfilled and satisfied, he extracts his massive cock from the rubber slave and proceeds to setup a motorized fuck machine to take his place. Once again, it’s apparent that he has done this many times before. The fuck machine, a also made by EvilToys, is mounted to the bench and makes it easy to align. The machine has a small wireless remote that allows RubNGum to adjust the speed of the dildo stroke. Once RubNGum applies lube to the dildo and the gimp’s ass, he moves the machine into position and penetrates the waiting hole!

Before the machine is started, another rubberized subject is invited to sit next to the fuck bench and keep the gimp company. This is BackStreet2001 (Recon). He’s wearing one of the mind-blowing rubber helmets and unique aroma bags from RubbersFinest. RubNGum starts the fucking machine with the remote, and the rubber gimp’s longtime fantasy is fulfilled. This scene was so fun for all of us. We were able to spend the entire day playing with heavy rubber and RubNGum’s gear, all in his amazing photo studio. This was a dream-come-true for all of us. A special thanks to everyone for this hot rubber video! Check out RubNGum’s site BlackStore for a unique selection of gear, and his personal site RubNGum for videos from his amazing studio.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 1:29:17
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

File size: 4.4 GB