Switzerland In December part 3

Release Year: 2020

Here’s another hot video, at least that’s how I feel about it. This is a continuation of the Switzerland In December series which we shot in December of 2019 right before the virus outbreak. SFDom and I visited RubNGum in Zurich for two full weeks of rubber and bondage. RubNGum runs the website BlackStore where he sells unique BDSM gear – in mostly the color black. Yep. Check out his video website RubNGum and you will see that this guy loves the color black. He even has a black electric toothbrush! I must admit, I like black rubber too. It’s so exciting, dark, scary and mysterious. I think I’ve said this before.

In any case, I invited some other guys to join us on our Switzerland adventure including the popular bondage model Lukas Tyler and his partner Dungeon Daddy from Vas Vegas, and a German rubber guy who goes by one of these names Michael or BackStreet2001 (Recon) or Elegance_So_Different (Instagram). The 3-part video in this update features all of these guys. Lukas and his partner DungeonDaddy own the cool playspace NoEscapeDungeon, and BackStreet2001 works with Rubbers-Finest.

First up is Lukas Tyler in an unbelievable, eye-popping, 4mm super-heavy rubber straitjacket from BlackStore. This straitjacket is fucking beautiful, and the guys put a matching heavy rubber StudioGum hood on him as well. The combination of the straitjacket and hood is totally unbelievable. This is the kind of heavy rubber bondage that we all fantasize about. The rubber is so thick it’s overwhelming. You can’t rip or stretch it. The rubber is in control – and you are not in control. As a matter of fact, I purchased two of these straitjackets after our visit. The first one was the small size straitjacket that Lukas is wearing in this video, and the other was a medium that we used in other parts of this video series. As many of you know, a rubber fetish can be expensive!

After Lukas was suspended from overhead and worked over by SFDom, we focused our attention on BackStreet2001. I had brought a Velcro non-invasive halo brace in my luggage, and for fun we put it on BackStreet. I love to combine rubber with the halo brace, and then handcuff the subject’s hands behind his back. This is a totally hot combination for both the Top and Bottom. The combination makes the Bottom feel extremely helpless, and for some reason it makes everyone want to mess with the Bottom. I think I should patent this unusual combination of gear. In any case, we chained BackStreet’s halo brace to the overhead hoist, and then chained his ankles to the bolts in the floor. He was totally helpless. As we all have learned by now, as soon as a boy becomes helpless in bondage, SFDom appears out of nowhere to play with his cock and get him off. In case you’re interested in a non-invasive halo brace, keep your eye on Ebay. Sometimes they pop-up, but they go quick. I purchased the brace in this video for $1,200 new from the manufacturer. ‘Non-invasive’ means the brace doesn’t penetrate the skin. So, the full name of this brace is a ‘Lerman Non-invasive Halo Brace’. Lerman is the manufacturer.

However, as it turned out, SFDom couldn’t get either Lukas or BackStreet off. It’s a game of timing. SFDom likes to stimulate his boys right to the edge, ride them for as long as he can, and then let them cum before they lose their sexual drive. Sometimes SFDom stimulates them for too long and they can’t come. This was the case. But, not to worry, SFDom’s success rate is around 80%.

I hope you guys enjoy seeing Lukas in this awesome straitjacket and hood, and BackStreet in the halo brace. A special thanks to all the guys for a fun day of play at RubNGum’s Switzerland studio. More to come!

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 1:39:35
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

File size: 4.3 GB