Switzerland In December part 2

Release Year: 2020

We had a great time, and the comradery we felt among all the guys was quite special. We were honored to be in the presence of some of the big names in rubber including RubNGum and his website BlackStore, as well as BackStreet2001 from Rubbers-Finest, and Hans-Peter from StudioGum. There were around 10 guys who we met and played with while we were there.

The updates I will post on this site aren’t in the order they were shot. I simply sort through the content and randomly pick a scene to edit. The scene in this update features HeavyRubberSlave from Zurich, SlaveBoundToServe from the UK, GearGymFreak from Austria, and SFDom from San Francisco.

HeavyRubberSlave is secured in a 4mm heavy rubber sleepsack from BlackStore, and a 2mm StudioGum hood. Note – we’re talking heavy here. 4mm rubber is a step into the world of super-restrictive and super-heavy-weight gear. As I explain in the video, these days I’m seeing a move by manufactures towards producing heavier rubber gear. Naturally, heavy rubber is more expensive and it’s not for everyone. Heavy rubber is a new over-the-top fetish for those who are attracted to natural latex bondage gear. It’s completely overwhelming and unescapable, and its sheer weight is unbelievable. I suppose the new dividing line could be 2mm. Heavy rubber is anything over 2mm?

In addition to the heavy sleepsack, GearGymFreak is put in a Darth Vader style gasmask and secured to a rotating cross. The rotating cross turned out to be a big hit and was used by a lot of the guys during our visit. As I comment in the video, RubNGum has way too much gear for his own good. However, the truth be told, all of us gearheads subscribe to the same philosophy: more is better!

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 1:26:25
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

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