Strapped naked to a spanking bench for Kasper

Release Year: 2020

It’s a straight man’s worst nightmare. Strapped naked on a spanking bench with two perverted guys hovering around him capable of doing anything they want to his hot masculine form. He bucks and fights against his shackles, but there is nothing he can do to escape their invasive groping hands sliding over his firm buttocks and hard body. Adrian teasingly slides a finger up his anus making Kasper buck and try to escape. He unwittingly only drives the man’s finger further up his tight rectum. Unable to break free, he spits in his captor’s face. This boy needs to be taught some manners. His arse is given a vicious flogging. Next he objects to Adrian’s cock coming close to entering his arse. It’s not enough for him to let these men fuck him. He needs to beg to be screwed up the arse! His already sore bottom is given a firm paddling so that Kasper will do anything to stop his red cheeks from getting a further beating. As if chewing on tar, he painfully asks the man to stick his erect cock up him.
Kasper grunts and tenses every muscle in his body experiencing the sensation of hot hard flesh sliding up his arsehole. The men takes turns screwing him till his anus is a sloppy wet mess. Dave orders Kasper to keep his mouth open while he deposits a creamy load onto his tongue. He then orders his cock cleaned while Adrian jizzes all over his burning sore arse. Kasper collapses on the bench covered in sweat and sperm.

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Duration: 21:10
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

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