Strappadoed – Jacey Jinx and OT

string is just about as Infernal as a Restraint can be. It holds Jacey Jinx just where we want her. Caught between the floor and the ring above she can’t go anywhere. So OT takes the opportunity to cop a feel. It’s his prerogative after all. Jacey’s got a young fit little body with a booty you could set a juice on. Once Jacey is in the right attire to provide him a inspiration OT sets to work building the object of her torment. The pipes look like nothing to Jacey as they are being assembled, but OT knows what he’s doing. She’ll have to be bent and flexed and suffer before OT is done with her. With the sanitary napkin in her mouth and the heavy tape holding it in the fear mounts with every moment. Jacey Jinx is tied to a string. Then her tormentor makes her sit on his lap, and he gags her with tape and foam. He strips her naked. He has strapped to a vertical post and standing above an horizontal post. He makes her bend over and her wrists are now strapped behind her back suspended. He has her standing up, her arms are chained to a post behind her back. She uses a strappado on her. He uses a hitachi magic wand. Then he has her sit down on a dildo jammed in her pussy. He has gagged with a bar, while the dildo is stuck in her pussy, he uses a vibrator on her clit. And he leaves her like that.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 38:38
Video: 720×404, AVC (H.264)

File size: 316.5 MB