StraightMenInTrouble Contractor in Trouble

The job wasn’t done to satisfaction, the work was unsatisfactory, and now the handsome young man finds himself bound and gagged in the basement, about to be taught a lesson. The man rips the clothes from his body, revealing a firm, toned body and the young man struggles in vain as the man fondles and groped him, enjoying the feel of his young body. The young man hyperventilated from the strain of his struggle and his mounting fear. The man continued to rip the clothes from the young man until he finally cut the fabric from his crotch, depriving him of his final shred of dignity.
The man wanted to sexually humiliate the young worker by making him hard and aroused and getting him to cum against his will. Nearly naked and defenseless, the young man struggled in fear and disgust as the man started to stroke and fondle his cock and lick and fondle his smooth, defined chest. The young man tried to resist but his cock had a mind of its own and soon he was hard and on the verge of cumming. He tried to hold back, but the man was skilled and persistent, and soon his humiliated victim surrendered his load to his assailant.
Now tied to a spanking , his smooth, muscular ass naked and vulnerable, the young man belongs to his captor. The man lubes his finger and uses it to loosen the young man’s ass, then fucks him with a small dildo to open him up even more. He then uses a larger dildo and fucks him vigorously, long and hard, while the poor young man pants and gasps in fear and pain.

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