STR8HELL – Adam Borek and Slavomir Zeleny – DUTY BOUND

Slavomir Zeleny is the subject of Master Adam Borek’s attention in this Duty Bound. Slavomir is shackled at the ankles and hands and has chains around his neck. As Adam pushes a cane into his chest Slavomir drops to his knees with Adam hitting him with the cane and slappping his face. Adam pulls a big hard cock out of his jockstrap and shoves it in to Slavomir’s eager mouth. Adam makes Slavomir suck his cock and then take his big balls in his mouth. What a mouthful he has, those balls are massive. Slavomir slobbers all over them and Adam bends over and pulls Slavomir’s face into his ass crack. He is forced to lick the ass and balls before being bent over so that Adam can use the cane on him. Slavomir has his ass spread wide as Adam spanks it and rubs the cane up and down the crack. Then he spanks the ass with his rock hard cock as well. Working on the feet too. That cock looks delicious swinging as Adam fingers Slavomir’s hole. Not only fingers, but two thumbs really stretch it. Then Adam takes a whip and starts to whip Slavomir before turning him over and chaining his body. Slavomir’s cock is rock hard as he lays there. A gag is applied to his mouth, that hold the mouth open. With Slavomir fully restrained Adam takes the opportunity to suck on him, and suck on his balls. Biting them as well, which makes Slavomir whelps. As if that were not enough Adam then applies some clamps to Slavomir’s balls and nipples. Adam then moves to Slavomir’s open mouth, rubbing his cock over it. Then he removes the gag so his cock can slip in more easily. Next Slavomir’s feet get some attention, firstly with Adam’s throbbing cock fucking them and then as Adam bites on the toes, and spanks the feet. Slavomir is then moved to he is restrained with his hands high above his head. At the same time his balls are being stretched by a rope attached to a huge weight. Adam then turns his attention to Slavomir’s ass and shoves big dildo into that hole, as Slavomir wanks himself. As he is being dildoed Slavomir shoots a hot load. Adam rewards him with his own cum shot, fired into Slavomir’s mouth, bringing a great scene to a lovely conclusion.

Format: lavfpref
Duration: 54:30
Video: 640×360, AVC (H.264), 713kbps
Audio: 98kbps

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