Star’s Return part 2

Star’s return to SocietySM has been a long time in the making, but she finally made it and Ogre is going to relish this day. Her perfect, natural body is the stuff that dreams are made of, and her twisted Master makes sure to get his fill. Once she’s tossed on the bed, she’s groped madly, and Star shows her giving spirit as she obediently rolls on her belly so her long legs can be bound tightly. Her pliable body is contorted and pulled as Ogre positions her perfectly to unleash a flogging tirade. With flesh red and warm, Star now braces for an eventful day in the Dungeon as she is run through her paces both physically and mentally. Spread wide and tied tight, this beautiful lady feels the sting of the lash, the surging pulse of electricity pulse through her body and the pleasure of the orgasm as Ogre reaches deep to provide her with the time of her life…quite literally. Wrung dry and spent, this lovely damsel gave all she had to give and what she wasn’t willing to give, was taken anyway..

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Duration: 16:02
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