Squaw Sahrye In Full Headdress

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Squaw Sahrye has me pinned up against a tree wearing her full Indian headdress and weilding her Indian weap*n. She surveys my huge expansive property and screams that I have stolen preserved Indian land and turned it into a casino for my own profit. I laugh – this is my land now!! I still think I am in charge and that I can offer this dark skinned squaw a little token to get her to go away. I point to the teepee over yonder and tell her I will give that to her Native American tribe. This Injun is smarter than I thought – she calls me out on my offer siting that the teepee is a tourist attraction and that I just want the Indians to work for me to make it more realistic to the visitors that flock to my casino. Sahrye is infuriated and she begins to wrap rope around my wrists binding my arms behind me around the tree. You rich white people have been stealing from the Native Americans for too long. I am here to stop you. I struggle but she continues to rope me up against the tree wrapping ropes around my ankles and cinching them tightly. Wait!! I implore her to stop and listen to me and I say I will give her tribe a few percent of the casino earnings, but she is not buying my bullshit and she threatens to hurt me if I don’t stop. We will get our land back – it is rightfully our tribe’s land and you cannot operate your casino here. Squaw Sahrye ropes up my knees pressing them tightly against the bark of the tree and then adds more rope around my thighs, waist and under my chest. The tight rope cuts into my skin and the bright sunshine blinds me. Sahrye looks at me with an evil Indian stare and removes the white cloth that was tied around her thigh. She waves the cloth in my face and shoves it deeply between my lips and proceeds to cleave gag me. I cough and sputter and my eyes widen in fear when she shows me the rope that she will now attach to my neck. I start to freak out and panic when ties it around my neck up against the tree and I begin to choke. I feel my weight slowly shifting and my high heels begin to sink into the land the gravity twisting my body in a cruel position. Wait!! Please – we can work something out-I have something you can bring to your chief. My pleas go unheard and I watch in terror as Squaw Sahrye marches off to take my casino and take back the land her ancestors own leaving me bound to the tree choking in the blazing hot sun sinking into her precious land.

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