Spy Vs Spy

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Infamous spy the busty blonde Allura Skye frisks me before we get down to the business of forming a partnership. The gorgeous blonde MILF runs her hands up and down my body taking her sweet time making sure I wasn’t carrying. She mauls my tits, ass and pussy before deciding we can proceed. I decide it’s my turn to frisk her as well. I start at her ankles and slowly make my way up her long legs and move on to her big tits. Next I frisk her crotch and waist and I feel a bump. I reach my hand into her PVC pants and pull out her g. You are packing!! I press it into her back and march her over to a pile of rope. I quickly bind her wrists behind her back and the bitch with the attitude won’t shut the fuck up. I add a tight chest harness making her big tits look even bigger. I yank the rope tightly and continues to run her big mouth. I bind her knees together and push her down on the dirty floor. I’ve had enough of your attitude I cross her booted ankles and bind them tightly together drawing the rope up between her wrists and yanking the bitch up into a hogtie. I lay down next to her and grope her lucious tits. I grab her long blonde hair and shove a big red bandana into her mouth sealing it in securely with black vet wrap between her lips in a cleave gag. I leave the MILF hogtied in the garage struggling in her bondage.

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Duration: 13:31
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