Spit and Ashes – HD 720p

Spit and Ashes is a reimagining of the historical violence waged against women by patriarchy in the name of religion, medicine, and family. The High Priestess embodies the wild, sexual and grotesque – the un-tamable hunger of female desire and the ultimate threat to male power. The Midwife is the spirit of all women who sought knowledge and agency over their own bodies and paid for their agency with their lives. Through a series of erotic and brutal rituals, these women come together to reclaim their bodies and prepare for the fight ahead. Lust..rust…and all things painfully delicious.. dividing with knives, these thighs tremble. this breath quickens. This skin rises & writhes exquisitely at the hands of the feminine divine… The witches man failed to burn.. the who’s scars glow with an untamed raging fury. the the church tried to bury, the fierce lovers who will keep on fighting… into the fire they will go because we know no other way than to keep on burning.

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