Spanking Collection Bun Beating Fun

From a defunct site bunbeatingfun. Not the best resolution but some of the best spanking vids I’ve seen. The premise is a model turns up to a seedy hotel for a fat old guy to take photos of them and they behave in a spoiled diva manner. Old guy grabs them by the ear and then puts them over his lap and then whales away on their asses. He really spanks them hard and when their butts get bright red he rubs them gently which at this time must be agonizing. Lots of close ups of their faces as he pushes them to their limits. They shriek and actually swear and curse at him as they realise they might be in over their heads. No sex but lots of real emotion, thrashing legs, genuine tears and wiggling. It’s great to seem them collapse on the floor in relief when he’s finished.

Total size: 8.8 GB in 23 files.

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