South Of The Border part 7 – Breaking Point

Studio: Zfx

In this, the 7th and final installment of the South of the Border series, witness the brutal abuse of Megan Cortez (Lisa Kinkaid), a American Embassy attorney who went to investigate the disappearance of 3 American students and now finds herself imprisoned on false charges. Having caught the fancy of a shadowy buyer of female flesh known as the Sheik, Megan has been hooked on smack by her cruel captors to pacify her for her imminent sale, but now she is refusing to eat. Fearing she will waste away and diminish her womanly charms and thus her market value, Megan is tightly bound, then to eat huge quantities of gruel, her mouth then cruelly plugged to prevent her from expelling her meal. Bloated, coated with slop and retching, Megan is finally broken, willing to submit to her fate as a slave if only to escape her current torment or get another shot of H. Now bound and collared, she is paraded out for her sinister new owner and to give him a sample of her wears… Also in custody is big titted journalist Pamela Heart (Ashley Blake), whose questions about the disappearances at the Mexico City Jail have landed her in a heap of trouble. Framed for possession by task goons, the pretty reporter now finds herself chained upside down to a jail cell sewer pipe and flogged mercilessly, her screams of pain punctuating each lash that blisters her firm behind. Not yet satisfied Pamela has suffered enough to submit to a new life as a sex slave, she is chained to the wall with probes attached to her large tits and impaled on an electrified prod. Soon her sweat slick body is jerking and twitching as the searing current passes through it while her sneering captors giggle with delight. Meanwhile, another attorney form the Embassy, Patricia Petty (Elaine Payton), has escaped captivity and is trying to find her way to freedom when she is recaptured by Dea goons who are far from done brutalizing her luscious body. Poor Patricia is stripped, then bound and suspended in increasingly painful positions, subjected to beatings, whipping, a enema and even an electric cattle prod is employed to break the feisty lawyers will. Finally limp and submissive, Patricias captors help themselves to her firm body. But even as she is taken fore and aft by her captors, Patricia is planning another attempt at escape…and revenge! The ultimate conclusion to the ultimate South American torture tale, South of the Border 7 takes it to the limit and then goes far beyond!

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Duration: 1:36:48
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