Something Precious part 2

Bound to the bars, Sophia can only envision what Ogre has up his sleeve and knowing Ogre…it’s something barbaric and insidious. As we take a look at her lovely, little body, we’re rudely greeted by his whip as he lashes this Damsel’s flesh, quickly warming her up for the days events. When Ogre binds one of her legs high he voices his approval before embarking on a new whipping torrent that has Sophia proclaiming her helplessness. How helpless she is, she will not truly realize until the day further unfolds. She will get another clue though, when her tight pussy is introduced to a vibe and wand which will induce reaction whether wants it to or not…Having set the pace to run this babe through her paces, Ogre treats Sophia to a bevy of pain and pleasure. Poking and prodding, flogging and shocking, precious Sophia experiences every emotion on a variety of levels up until the last gasping moment…Happy Thanksgiving from DungeonCorp!

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