Snooty Renter Stripped & Bound Stark Naked

Genres: BDSM,string,Bondage,torture
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I’m so happy that I’ve gotten my townhouse rented for an entire month through Airbnb. Dixie Comet comes to see the place before paying and she is such an uptight cocky bitch. Dixie begins criticizing things the minute she gets in the door and I bite my tongue because I really need to get this place rented. We go upstairs and I start grandstanding about the amenities and priggy Dixie wrinkles her nose and says she smells pooch piss. I see red and I pull out my g and tell the bitch to shut the fuck up and to begin stripping off her clothes. Dixie slowly removes her tight pencil skirt and thenn her pretty blouse. The bra & panties too missy I demand. Dixie is so confused, but she’s afraid of me and she takes off her bra exposing her perky tits. Then the raven haired beauty removes her panties and is stark naked. I tell her to hand over her panties and I shove them right in her uptight bitchy mouth wrapping her head with clear tape. Poor ambarrassed naked female Dixie tries to cover herself up by putting a hand over her hairy pussy. I laugh and string up her arms behind her back smacking her ass a few times. I her down to her knees and she tries to talk, but the gag has her nice and muffled. I thread a string through her pussy lips and up through her ass yanking the string nice and tight. Poor Dixie begins to sob into her gag as I secure her wrists to her crotch string. I gave you a present you uptight fucker … every time you pull up on your wrists the string rubs deeper into your pussy. I push her over and bind her ankles together then roll miss on her side so I can feel her up and grope her ripe body. Awww what’s wrong sweetie? I push her onto her belly and put her in a hogtie. Then off I go with her checkbook and her car to write myself a nice big payment for the rental of my townhouse. I leave the helpless damsel rolling around struggling on the carpet gagged with her own panties and stark naked!

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