Smooth as Silk – Part 4

Beautiful young Emerson remains spread-eagled, facedown on the torture table. Jared whips his slave’s back a few more times, then rubs the fresh wounds, sending Emerson into spasms of pain, his lean, naked body confusing seductively. Jared loves the boy’s long, lean body and his perfect, bulbous ass; it is so rare for such a lean boy to have such a juicy ass. Emerson’s beauty drives Jared to hurt him even more, delivering punishing lash after punishing lash, even as Emerson looks up at him, his moist eyes begging for mercy. But Jared is just getting started. He shoves a massive, steel butt-plug up the boy’s ass, sending him into more convulsions, then attaches jumper-cables to the butt plug and Emerson’s wrist. The shocks are unbelievable, lifting Emerson off the table as he screams and whimpers. His body has never looked better. Jared is such a sadist he even whips the boy while the current is flowing.

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