Slavechair Punishment Vol. 1 – Part 1 of 2

He removes the shackles from her ankles and wrists and from her neck. He picks up leather straps and takes her wrists. He puts them together and secures the strap over them. He ties also her elbows. She watches as the man moves the metal slavechair. He positions it and locks the roller in place. Juliette has to sit on it. When she is kneeling on her thighs, he takes a leather strap and secures it over her thigh and around the pad she is kneeling on. He does likewise to her other thigh. Her ankles are cuffed to the chair. Now Juliette can choose a gag, and she will that he uses the penis gag. The man puts the gag into her mouth and secures it behind her head. He brings the leather hood to the device, pulls it roughly over Juliette’s head and laces it up the back. Now he brings over the panel gag and begins to strap it over Juliette’s head. Juliette’s neck is attached in a metal slavecollar. The man stands beside her and tells the audience that she receive 25 strokes of a cane on each breast. Juliette looks with fear in her eyes. The man comes over with the bamboo cane.

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