Sinn gets Extreme part 1

Sinn is a festival for the eyes…luscious skin, silky hair, perfectly ripe tits and an unforgettable ass…she oozes sensuality in practically every move she makes…graceful and charming…this is an alluring woman…to have all that mystery and femininity tied up and waiting to be stripped leaves electricity in the air…Damon comes in with shears and begins to cut away her dress…he takes his time…Sinn bides her time…but she isnt going anywhere soon…not until he is done with her…he spanks that incredible ass, then directs her to the piece of gear that she will be bent over and flogged upon…I come in to help rig her down…then Damon and I have a lovely time flogging her ass…Sinn is very expressive…this is a fetishist who enjoys her role…Sinn is then bound to a crude rolling rig…Damon uses strong bungee to afix her ankles to points in the floor…a dildo mounted to a pole is rammed into her pussy and tied off…Damon pulls her back and forth as the dildo plunges completely into Sinn’s hot box…He rigs our four point breast smashers to each tit, then rigs it off in the opposite direction with more bungee…then muzzled, roped to a whipping post and flogged…Damon adds a tight pussy clamp predicament and a vibrator…Sinn settles back into deep orgasms, but gets not rest or relieft…Damon turns the pleasure into pain as he keeps the vibrator in place over her clamped cunt…for his finalle, Damon binds Sinn to a spit rig…candles are mounted above her…he applies clamps to her tits and torso, each clamp with its own wieght…then he uses a torch to melt very hot wax down onto Sinn’s naked body…before he is done, she is wimpering…then he rolls her over…he spins the spit a few times as Sinn sobs…then leaves her exhausted…thanks much to these two incredible BDSM role players who like to keep it real.

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Duration: 11:20
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