Silent Slavery – Noah – Scene 9 – HD 720p

After spending the night chained in the dungeon, covered in cum, Noah is fed, bathed and given his new “uniform” – a slave’s loincloth. He now enters a new phase of his slavery – endurance testing. Noah is a well built, athletic boy, very strong for his size – the perfect victim for the cross. Jared goes almost wild watching the teenager’s lean stomach suck in hard as he struggles, his armpits deep wells, his chest and lats stretched out of shape. Best of all is the way his cock and balls bounce around under the flimsy loincloth. Noah is quite simply made for the cross. The only thing that would make his crucifixion hotter would be to jerk him off while he hangs there naked – and that’s exactly what Jared does. Next week: Extreme endurance.

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