Shinybound – Alex Coal – Yoga Instructor Taken And Toe Tied 1080p

Routines can be dangerous. Poor Alex finds out the hard way.. Everyday after her yoga class is over, she gets a smoothie and heads home taking the alley behind the studio as a shortcut. As winter comes, the alley gets darker earlier and earlier.. And more dangerous..

One regular evening, Alex finishes her class and gets her smoothie. She is walking and looking at her phone as she ducks into the alley behind the studio.. She doesn’t notice a figure come out of the shadows next to her. All of a sudden, a big strong hand grabs her arm, and before she can scream another big hand covers her mouth and drags her into his waiting van. He wrestles her down and climbs on top of her, his weight holding her down. He catches her wrists and binds them behind her. Now with her hands tied, he easily moves down and ties her ankles together and then her knees. He flips her back over and blindfolds her before he stuffs a big ballgag into her mouth and straps it up tight.. He runs his rough hands over her silky leggings and spandex top. "Oh yeah, you’ll do fine.." he says as he shuts the door and climbs in the drivers seat.

He drives off and she frantically tries to get free as she’s thrown around back and forth in the back of the van. After about a half an hour of turns and bumps, the van comes to a halt and the door flies open. She is grabbed by her tied ankles and dragged out. He picks her up, slings her over his shoulder, and brings her into a house where he has more ropes waiting for her inside..

He sets her down on a couch and ties her elbows behind her and winds the rope up over her shoulders, pulling everything uncomfortably tight. He shoves her down to the ground and hogties her amid her gagged protests. He takes some thinner twine, wraps it around her big toes, and pulls it tight. Then he attaches the other end to the top of her gag and wrenches her head back. Now she is in a very strict predicament. She cannot move a muscle. She tries to lean and roll, but she is fixed in this severe arched position. She cries out and drool runs down her chin. Completely helpless and blind to her surroundings.. she can do nothing but wait there to find out what’s coming next..

Format: mp4
Duration: 17:56
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 5953kbps
Audio: 252kbps

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