Sex Slave Training – Part 7

Talk about a finale! “Straight” boy Ian has sucked cock and been fucked like a pro. But he still hasn’t cum for his master and now he will pay a very high price for that failure. Ian is spread-eagled on his back, his sculpted body covered with whip marks. Today is the worst whipping of all: The single-tail to his chest and abs! After bullwhipping Ian, Jared shovels a steel dildo up Ian’s ass and attaches electrodes to it. “Are you ready to cum for me now, boy?” he asks. Ian’s body thrashes on the table as current flows into his rectum. Jared turns the voltage to maximum – and continues with the single-tail whipping! “You’re gonna cum for me!” Jared repeats. “OK,” The poor kid sputters, nodding, hoping he can indeed jerk off for this man. Ian pulls the steel dildo from his incredibly tight ass and works his cock. He finally cums while fucking himself with the dildo. A new pain slave is ready for his new life.

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