Sex Slave Training – Ian – Scene 1 – HD 720p

Ian is a 22-year-old from a working-class town in a Midwestern state. Last week he just vanished. His friends have been trying to text him. His mom has been up late crying. But the cops say there is little they can do. Boys his age sometimes just leave town. After all, he had a crummy job, a pregnant girlfriend and a sotted man who used to beat him. Maybe he just got fed up, they say. But that’s not what happened, not at all. Ian, like so many pretty boys from the Midwest who vanish every year, didn’t skip town. He was taken. He is a prisoner. He will spend the rest of his youth as a sex slave, used by other men. His training begins today, tied to a weight bench. Next Week: Chest-pumping, dick-sucking fun.

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