Session 9: Master Maurice & Master Mike

Tattoo is called in for a training session with Masters Maurice and Mike but gets things wrong from the very start earning kicks and smacks to his naked body. Tattoo must lick the Master’s feet but his mouth is too dry. The kindly Masters decide to refresh the bottom’s mouth with their piss. After swallowing a few mouthfuls the ungrateful sod throws the rest up!

Still, at least now he can suck feet and toes. Even if they are covered in his Masters’ piss and fresh gob. After feet its Master Mo’s legs that need licking. Lucky Tattoo. He’s even allowed to remove Mo’s shorts with his teeth. Those beautiful white shorts have been right next to his Master’s cock, balls and arse. So the lining of the shorts is rammed against Tattoo’s tongue and then shoved down his throat. After a face full of gob Tattoo must take off Mike’s shorts with his teeth too. Slowness is punished by nasty hard spanks.

As punishment for his failure to swallow his Master’s nectar Tattoo has to lick both Masters from top to bottom paying particular attention to arse and arse hairs. Then its mean armpit licking and by the end poor Tattoo is gasping to replenish his fluids. The 2 caring tops bring in litres of ice-cold water and Tattoo can’t believe his luck, but the ungrateful cunt moans and cries when he is effectively waterboarded with it. At last Tattoo has a bellyful of water. Now he can do a decent job of licking his Masters’ beautiful naked bodies including, joy of joys, licking Master Mike’s arsehole with Maurice’s knee in his back. But by god it’s exquisite torment as both Masters tempt the bottom with their lips so sexily close the poor bottom goes out of his mind with desire. A simple kiss from either Master would be heaven.

By now Tattoo needs a piss but he’s wrong if he thinks he can use a toilet like respectable people. He is made to lie on the ground and humiliatingly piss himself. Tattoo has made an absolute mess of the gym floor now with piss and puke all over. His naked body becomes a human mop to tidy it up, pulled this way and that the retch is covered in piss and puke for his trouble.

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Duration: 29:38
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