Session 76: Masters Mike, Derek & Sebastian

Army bully boys Master Mike and Master Derek are in the mood to make some trouble. Joined by Master Sebastian the Tops pick on useless recruit drew, press-ganging him into a game of soggy biscuit with them.

Normally a rugby initiation test, the aim of the game, or humiliation in this case, is for a bunch of guys to all masturbate together and cum as quickly as they can over a biscuit placed on the floor in front of them. The loser is the last one to empty their balls; Their punishment? To munch on the spunk covered confection of course until every last crumb is devoured.

Mike knows that drew has an unfair advantage over them in this game; Surrounded by naked handsome men the dirty little fucker is bound to blow his load in a matter of seconds while eyeing up their massive cocks. So to handicap the slutty sub, Mike tapes drew’s fingers to his palms with gaffer tape to make him look like a crappy boxer.

Master Derek is quick to realise that with a sub on hand the Tops have the upper hand in the game, they’ll use drew’s sloppy wet mouth to suck them hard, then fuck his tight little arse until they’re ready to cum, after all there’s no point in keeping a and barking yourself.

Now resigned to the fact that for the rest of his Army training he will be used as the Top’s sex bitch, just a fucking or sucking post to sate their every sexual need or frustration, drew gets to work servicing their growing cocks with his mouth, sucking on each soldier in turn with his pouting whore-like lips.

Drew’s warm wet mouth gets the Masters started on their journey to ejaculation, all they need now is a tight fuckable hole and the winners rights is theirs for the taking.

Ploughing in first is Derek, stretching the sub’s virgin anus with his massive thick penis. He’s a vicious bastard and doesn’t loose a beat fucking the sub even when drew whimpers as his arse hole gets ruined. Master Mike rams his own hardening dick into drew’s face, demanding it get sucked as both Masters revel in their total domination of drew. They own him.

Derek’s thrusting cock is quickly replaced by Mikes to carry on drew’s anal assault as Derek stands and holds the biscuit inches from his throbbing dick. The Top squeezes the end of his dick to limit the distance his cum will spurt, maximising the amount of thick white jizz now coating the biscuit like cake frosting.

A few dribbles are gobbled up by drew’s slutty mouth as Sebastian anoints the sugary confection with his own hot load, forgetting the aim of the game is to hit the biscuit he spurts long ribbons of cum across the floor, carefully milking out more thick white globs of spunk, this time on target.

Master Mike steps forward, lacing the biscuit and the floor in front of him with powerful spurts of Master’s jizz.

The losers punishment is to chow down the lot, assisted by Master Mike pushing the sloppy cum covered disc into drew’s mouth, ordering him to chew on it and not stop until it’s all gone.

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