Session 72: Masters Dean, Derek & Steve

Useless sub ben is being punished by his office work mates after his crap sales performance lost them all a bonus payment in their salaries.

To remind him that he is just a worthless little office sub, ben is made to work naked, undeserving of clothes and singling him out from his Masterful colleagues as the runt. Picking on ben has become part of the office routine, every chance to defile or humiliate him is seized upon and exploited to the max.

So when ben pulls out his lunchbox and starts to tuck in, the office Tops cannot stop themselves having a dig, taking the piss out of his ‘mumsy’ sandwiches, grabbing some of the food while the bottom protests at them to leave his lunch alone.

It’s a pity Master Dean and Master Steve only hear the sub’s pathetic pleas After starting to chew on mouthfuls of the sandwich and apple. Not being complete bastards, for the moment at least, they give ben back his lunch just as he has asked, spitting it directly into his open mouth. Yum!

But rather than thanking his Masters for being so kind and feeding him, the idiot protests even more. This ungrateful behaviour is punished by feeding ben the remaining sandwich and apple, prising open his mouth and tipping his head back to open his gullet ready to receive the moist chewed mixture, poking it down with their fingers like it’s a waste disposal as they revel in his humiliation and discomfort.

Master Derek has had enough of this mug’s whining and plans to teach it a lesson. If ben wants his lunch then his Masters will give him all the sustenance he needs, ripe arse holes to eat, sweaty bollocks to lick clean and cocks to service with his mouth and sloppy tongue. A menu worthy of Michelin stars for originality, taste and of course presentation courtesy of handsome and athletic Masters such as these.

Derek strips naked and positions himself on all fours on the floor as Dean manhandles the sub into position so it’s mouth is within licking distance of Master Derek’s delicious puckered hole. The opportunity to devour your lunch off of such a perfect plate would be any bottoms dream come true, each course flavoured with a hint of cock, arse or testicle.

Ben is such a messy eater. With all the food finished, Dean notices his expensive shoes have been splashed with ben’s lunch. The sub now has one chance to clean them and make them look like new again or he’ll get the thrashing of his life. Just to make sure the prone sub doesn’t deviate from the task at hand, Derek climbs on it’s back and tramples the cunt while all three Tops shower the useless mug with gob.

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