Session 71: Masters Derek, Billy & Steve

Dirty old lockeroom lurker fred has focused his pervy attention on the wrong lads this time. Master Billy and his team mate Steve complain to the facility manager about being eyed-up as they strip and slip on their tight speedos ready for their swim.

Lifeguard Derek is sent to deal with the situation and he knows just how to punish a filthy lech like fred, whilst bagging a few humiliating laughs at someone else’s expense into the bargain. Waiting for fred to return from a cruise around in the showers, the lads seize their opportunity to pounce on the dirty fuck and teach him a lesson.

Grabbing a roll of cling film, the Tops make fred kneel on the floor in front of them while they mummify their prey, wrapping him up so tight he cannot move his arms or even think about getting away.

The club rules state no pissing in the pool; There’s no mention of not pissing on dirty little cunts like fred though! Pushing a funnel between the layers of cling film tightly wrapped around the sub’s body the Masters take turns relieving their full bladders of hot urine into the receptacle. The yellow pungent liquid warm against fred’s skin as it works it’s way down across the perv’s body, every gap in the cling film filling with piss before it seeps further down to the next pocket, eventually gushing out around his groin.

Bladders emptied the Tops push the sodden dirty bastard onto the floor and order him to writhe around in their stinking urine. Looking like a human worm the sub wriggles across the piss-covered floor over to where Master Steve is standing barefoot, eagerly licking off all traces of dirt and piss from his feet with its tongue.

Any sub would be honoured to wallow in their Master’s urine while detailing his pissy feet with their tongue, but not this useless cunt. Master Derek whacks fred’s arse and body with his shoe, reddening the sub’s skin under the plastic wrap as punishment for disappointing him with such a pathetic and ungrateful effort.

Master Billy stands on the wriggling worm’s back to keep it in place while it licks piss from between Derek’s toes, riding the sub like a surf board and restricting it’s ability to get a good lungful of air.

This dirty fuck had been so interested in seeing them naked just moments before they decide to give him an ‘up close and very personal’ viewing of their athletic young bodies. Billy’s Speedos are tugged to one side as he plants his hairy ripe arse over the perv’s mouth, ordering him to lick it clean of sweat. Billy has spent a long day sat in a hot sticky college classroom, that is going to be one sweaty hole to get serviced.

Master Derek relishes tormenting the worm with his own ripe crappy arse next. He’s been sitting down in the lifeguard tower for his whole shift and having missed taking a shower earlier decides to put fred’s slobbering wet tongue and mouth to good use. He drops his red shorts and spreads his cheeks to make sure the sub’s face and mouth are sealed tightly against his sweaty dirt box. Does this sub appreciate just how lucky he is?

Billy picks up a leather crop and whacks the perv hard with it, giving him an additional (painful) incentive to serve his Master well, Derek barking orders for the sub to sink his tongue deep into his crap chute and clean it out, the Top’s plump low-hanging balls swinging to and fro as he pushes down hard onto the worm’s mouth.

Master Steve serves up his own thick cock for cleaning, Derek demanding the worm slowly suck it to make sure not a morsel of sweat or dirt gets missed, vicious swipes of the crop on the sub’s bare flesh drive home his point as he tramples the bitches body, treading all over the sub’s pathetic excuse for a penis.

Derek knows this dirty fucking perv is enjoying his punishment at the hands of such handsome young Masters just a little too much for his liking. Instructing the sub to lie on his back Derek sits on its face, his feet resting on the worm’s chest so his whole body weight is on fred’s head. Its only sign of life is the snake-like flick of fred’s tongue against his Master’s succulent anus as he worships it.

Billy’s beautiful feet have picked up dirt and piss from the floor while he was kicking and abusing the worm so sitting his firm young buttocks on fred’s stomach the athletic Master sticks his toes into the sub’s mouth for them to be cleaned, pushing them deep into it’s throat and gagging the perv on them, making it splutter.

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