Session 66: Masters Guy, Billy & Jack

Slutty fuck sub jason is visiting Brutal Tops Inc. for a humiliating session with young Master Billy. After taking a belly full of hot piss straight from Billy and Guy’s cocks, the Tops’s get down to business – turning this little runt into their bitch.

Made to knee in the cold remnants of his Master’s urine, jason is ordered to lick the dribbles of piss from Billy’s cock and delicious foreskin, something the sub takes little hesitation over. Slurping and licking eagerly at the handsome Master’s penis, jason cleans away the piss from around Billy’s bell-end and the edge of his foreskin.

Maybe this sub should have guessed that such a simple task is not without it’s trials. Billy complains that the sub just isn’t putting in any effort or urgency in cleaning his cock, resulting is stinging lashes for his lack of zeal from Guy wielding a leather riding crop. The welts across jason’s arse redden quickly as more and more lashes rain down.

Having some fun at a sub’s expense is all part of the deal for Master Billy. Gripping jason’s head he jabs his hips forward, pushing more of his fattening cock into the sub’s mouth. It’s only a matter of time before such an athletic young lad like Billy is sporting a stiff member from all the sloppy oral attention his fuck-tool is getting.

An erection is the perfect torment to cause this useless fucker some humiliation and remind him just who is calling the shots today. Rising up on his toes for more leverage, Master Billy again thrusts his hips forward, face fucking the cunt and causing him to gag, the boyish Top ramming past jason’s gag-reflex as he sticks his dick even deeper down the sub’s throat, burying his pubes hard into the bottom’s face.

Billy’s hairy arse is next to feel the sloppy tongue of the sub. What a lucky fucker jason is to be honoured with worshipping the entrance of such a perfect puckered hole, his face buried so far between the lightly haired globes of Billy’s arse cheeks that his nostrils are only filled with the sweet pungent smell of the Master’s sweaty crack with every breath he takes.

I think this sub is deliberately making a crap job of cleaning his Master’s anus today just so he can keep his mouth suctioned over Billy’s bum, tasting everything his crap-chute has to offer. Guy and Jack have seen it all before and are not slow with using the crop to get faster results.

The Tops Swap places to see if Master Guy can get better results from jason’s slobbering mouth. Expertly working on his Master’s cock, the sub is once again suckling on a full erection. More vicious than Billy in his dealings with the bottom, Guy pushes his thick college-lad cock down jason’s throat, damaging the sub and making it’s eyes go and teary from the vicious oral assault. Guy pinches jason’s nose as he continues to damage and gag the bottom with his swollen member, the Master’s pubic hair and balls glistening with the phlegm coughed up by the owned and humiliated sub.

Bending forward Master Guy parts his hairy arse cheeks in readiness to receive jason’s mouth and sloppy tongue for his anal cleaning. Billy rams the sub’s face into the sweaty crevice of his fellow Top, scrubbing it up and down to ensure full contact between jason’s face and Guy’s hot arse.

The sub is still not performing to Guy’s high standard. Even after a good beating from Billy with the crop the bottom is lacking. Laying on the floor and raising his legs up, Guy’s puckered fur covered hole is fully exposed for oral worshipping by the undeserving cunt’s tongue.

Billy and Jack ride on the lazy sub’s back, pushing it’s head harder into Guy’s arse and ordering jason to lick his Master’s bumhole till not a trace of sweat remains.

As the sub begins to tire Guy decides refreshment may be in order. Grasping the useless cunt’s head in his strong hands the Top delivers a thick wad of gob into jason’s mouth, quickly followed by several more wads courtesy of Master Billy, who deliberately coats the sub’s face and lips with his spittle.

The session was to be about humiliation, and whilst damaging on a handsome Master’s thick hard prick may be seen as a reward rather than a torment, two full snot rockets delivered directly into the sub’s face and mouth are to remind jason he was sorely lacking in his effort.

Billy is now in full-on bully mode and is determined to make jason know he is his bitch. Taking jason’s head again in his hands he twists the sub’s face towards his and unloads more wads of gob into it’s face, laughing at the sight of such a dejected, humiliated and totally owned sub.

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