Session 60: Master Mike & Master Lee

Two casual street thugs in their Lyle & Scott polo shirts are out to menace. Master Lee lights a tab as Master Mike man-handles a blinded sub into their lair for a session in servitude and humiliation.

Mike’s hand is firmly clamped over the bottom’s mouth, gagging the cunt to suppress any attempts to shout for help, coarse ropes binding the sub’s hands and arms so he cannot fight back against his aggressors. He is completely under Mikes control.

Like a vulture sensing fresh prey Lee moves in to begin tormenting the sub. Flicking the bare naked flesh around jason’s nipples and tugging roughly at the runt’s genitals, an idea comes to Lee as to how best this sub can serve him.

Drawing heavily on his cigarette, Lee exhales a lungful of smoke directly into runt’s face. All traces of air that the bottom struggles to gasp through the gaps in Master Mike’s fingers are now laced with Lee’s second hand, tobacco filled expiration.

Pinching jason’s nose closed and wrenching open the sub’s mouth, Mike ensures the only flow of life-giving air into runt’s chest will be from Lee. An open mouth seems like the perfect ashtray to the smoking Top, he flicks his hot ash onto jason’s tongue and again blows a lungful of second hand smoke directly into the sub’s mouth.

Pushed down onto his knee’s the human ashtray can better serve his Master’s needs. Head held back and mouth open wide, Lee continues to savour his nicotine fix while using jason’s mouth to ash his cigarette, ordering the sub to swallow down the embers. These Top’s add some flavour to the mix, after checking the ash has been ingested they gob and spit into jason’s mouth to wash down his meal.

Jason’s tongue remains coated with ash. Lee generously feeds the slutty bottom his thickening cock to suckle. The engorged member soon damaging the sub, aided in part by Master Mike’s hand pushing hard on the back of jason’s neck to ensure the full length of the meaty meal is lodged in the back of his throat, Master Lee’s pubic hair scrubbing against jason’s face.

All traces of the ash are soon disbursed as the spluttering and humiliated sub battles against gagging on the now fully erect penis jabbing at the back of his throat.

Mike notches up the humiliation and torment using a clamp to attach a lead to runt’s sensitive septum, leading the sub around the room on his knees, turning jason into their bitch and feeding the on a diet of hard Master’s dick.

Lee fetches a massage table, positioning himself on it as Mike leads the bitch by it’s nose clamp over to where Lee is, the Top’s cock ready to be serviced by the slobbering sub’s mouth and tongue.

As Master Lee’s hard penis gets orally serviced, Mike spreads jason’s legs so he can plunder the sub’s slutty arse hole with a thick rubber dildo mounted on a wooden handle.

Mike works the dildo into jason’s anus, picking up the pace as he relentlessly rams home the prosthetic cock, destroying any shreds of dignity this runt had left in him…..

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 12:02
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2439kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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