Session 6: Master Maurice & Master Jon

Masters Mo and Jon are in a good mood. Finally sub college boi is going to have some meat put on his bones with a supervised aggressive workout in the tops’ gym. The bottom is already completely naked and covered in welts from a previous well-earned thrashing. Of course it’s never too late to receive some more!

First it’s the punch bag. Has there ever been a more pathetic spectacle than a bottom trying to box? Making zero impression on the bag college boi earns a few mean whacks from Jon. Moving on to nasty pull ups and it just gets worse – the frightened sub has to endure verbal humiliation and more cruel whacks from the unimpressed tops. Master Maurice sees red and the quivering sub knows that they are going to run him into the ground. The tops mean business. On the treadmill boi’s little cock bounces up and down ridiculously as he has to shout out how much of a loser he is. Mo grabs him firmly around the throat with his fist and drags the sissy back to the punch bag. This time there is a carrot to go along with the stick – he gets to sniff Maurice’s crotch through his shorts. Mo then drops his shorts so boi may lick his arse. But Boi just can’t do what he’s told. Big mistake with 2 military tops on his case. Next it’s the pull-ups but this time boi can barely pull himself up 1 solitary inch, earning yet more nasty welts including across the excuse for a penis he has between his legs.

On the treadmill Master Jon torments his cock while Maurice comes behind boi pressing his warm muscular body into him. Pushed down onto the floor boi is shown what a real cock looks like. Jon drops his workout shorts and displays his generously proportioned knob, pulls it aside and stuffs his 2 big balls into the bottom’s stretched mouth. With such rewards on offer there is no excuse for boi during the next circuit. The bottom tries hard, but then he has to, with sweat now pouring down his back. That deserves another reward – 2 hard cocks in his mouth this time. The 2 tops strip and push their thick cocks into the cowering bottom’s mouth simultaneously.

Another circuit but the exhausted bottom earns a good deal more punishment than treats this time, his naked body now covered in angry criss-crossing welts thanks to Master Jon’s crop.

Finally fit to drop and soaking in sweat the poor bottom falls to his knees. The little crap stinks of sweat but subs aren’t allowed in the tops’ shower room. Instead Mo whips out his cock and college boi must bathe in fresh Master’s piss. Now smelling much better boi is finally allowed to rest after the strenuous workout…lying in a huge puddle of piss.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 17:34
Video: 960×540, Windows Media Video 9, 2876kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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