Session 58: Master Mike & Master Lee

Master Mike returns to the Top’s lair after a sweaty game of rugby. Finding slutty bottom jason bound and tied to the wall, Mike decides to have some fun at the sub’s expense.

The blinded bottom appears anxious, fearing just how his Master might wish use him, his breathing is shallow and fast as Master Mike grips his head and turns it, checking the binds and gaffer tape on the sub’s eyes. Satisfied the bottom cannot see, Mike begins his torment.

Tugging hard on the binding wrapped around jason’s neck, Mike secures a rope from it to an eyelet above the sub’s head. Because of the restrictive binds on jason’s legs, the sub struggles to keep up on his feet and avoid being garroted. A fiendish punishment by Master Mike that will slowly tire the bottom as it struggles to cope with the other bullying misery this Master is sure to dole out.

Unable to see what is coming next, the nervous sub flinches as Mike jangles a mouth harness in front of his face, the tension building as each new torment is brought to bear. Striking the jittery bottom across his naked flesh with the strap, the Top secures the leather bit between the bottom’s teeth. The uncomfortable device will not only muffle jason’s cries but serves as a way for Mike to control the sub’s head movements.

A shorter length of cord is secured around jason’s genitals, looped behind his ball sack and tied tightly to the leg restraints further up his thigh, lifting up both his cock and balls so Master Mike has access to his arse. Slapping the gooch between jason’s arse hole and balls, Mike gobs into his hand and lubes up the sub’s bum crack, roughly inserting his middle finger he brutally fuck’s jason with his digit before smearing the remains of his gob and the sub’s anal juice across jason’s mouth and lips.

Collecting a bamboo Headmaster’s cane, Master Mike cuts the air in front of the bottom with powerful lashes of the correctional tool, the anxious sub wincing as the sound of air rushes past his ears. The Top swipes the cane again, this time landing the stinging barb across jason’s torso and thighs. The bottom struggles to subdue his cries each time the cane connects with his skin, angry red welts flaring up at the point of impact.

Tossing away the cane, Mike follows up with a second torment much more painful than the first. Swooshing a leather thronged flogger, he lands several heavy blows across jason’s body and thighs causing the sub to moan and whimper from the relentless assault. Blind and denied knowledge of what is to follow, the next four blows catch the sub off guard as Mike beats jason’s rope trussed bollocks hard with the flogger, the ends of which lick under his balls to sting his stretched and exposed anus.

The sub’s arse, being only a few inches from the ground, gives Mike an idea for another torment. Sticking a hard plastic vibrator into jason’s anus, Mike sites the end of the instrument onto the ground directly under the sub. Any attempt by jason for respite on his aching legs will plow the mechanical cock deeper into his rectum. A win win for Master Mike.

The sub’s knees shake from the strain of keeping his body weight up as Mike prepares to inflict his next inventive and cruel punishment. Removing brand new clothes pegs from their holder, the Top attaches them to the most sensitive parts of jason’s genitalia, their untempered springs make the jaws bite like vices into his soft flesh. Soon every inch of jason’s cock, foreskin and ball sack have painfully biting clothes pegs attached to it, the vibrator driven deeper into his anus by exhaustion from keeping his body weight lifted and the mouth harness making it harder for him to catch his breath. Cue Master Mike to ratchet up the bottom’s distress.

Using a heavy, weighted sandbag Mike reattaches the rope from jason’s neck to the handles of the bag. The tormented bottom is being pulled in different directions, his weak legs can’t carry his weight, the rope around his throat is pulling him up and one slip could send the vibrator tearing into his already sore rectum.

Mike drops his shorts and orders the sub to rim him while still wearing the mouth harness. Mike’s white jockstrap fits perfectly over his muscular arse cheeks as he bends over to give jason access to his ripe sweaty hole, demanding the straps be detailed by the bottom’s slutty tongue as well as his crap chute.

Master Lee enters the lair dressed in his biker leathers and lends a ‘helping’ hand to the back of jason’s head, ramming the runt’s face deep between Mike’s hot globes. Resting on the sandbag, Lee is making it harder and harder for the sub to reach Master Mike’s arse crack and do as he is commanded. Fighting for each breath jason resists the weight pulling on his neck. Slipping off his leather trousers, Master Lee has a treat for this bottom, more sweaty arse crack for his tongue to detail.

With Mike and Lee’s arses cleaned by the slutty sub’s mouth, Mike now orders the cock hungry bitch to suck him and make him hard, hampered by Lee leaning on the sandbag again, almost garroting jason as the bottom struggles to fulfil his Master’s wishes. The Tops swap places and Lee gets his cock sucked next while Mike gets another sandbag to help jason ‘take’ more of the vibrator into his arse.

Lifting the sub up, Mike pushes the extra sandbag under jason and re-sites the vibrator about 2 inches higher than before, pushing the sub back down onto the throbbing plastic cock, now buried deep in jason’s belly. Mike leans his weight down onto the sandbag connected to jason’s neck, both Tops laughing as they revel watching the sub struggle.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 20:42
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